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This is a just a concept! Not the final product!!
12/10/2013 v.0.3
- Playes can now shoot each other and they should be affected by the shot.
- Added some smoothing to the networking. Players are not jittery now.
- Fixed a couple of small bugs
- Still have not figured out a way to render the beam on everyones screen.
12/6/2013 v.0.2
 - Added some very basic networking stuff
- Players can host and log onto servers and should be able to see other players
- Players are able to see the beam splat from where other players shot at now
- I am currently working on getting the ray gun to work for multiplayer so you can start shooting each other
12/3/2013 v.0.1
- Created basic movement
- Added a ray beam
- Added knockback to the beam. You can "double jump" with it really high!
- Created some basic textures for the beam and beam splat