I received the new HUD graphics in the middle of the week and started working on implementing them ASAP. It looks fantastic! Each power up now has its own “bar” timer that drains over time. Sage’s energy now also has a “bar” the drains anytime energy is used.



  • Removed advertisements being displayed every 5 turns.
  • Added a reward system for viewing full length video ads. More info in the Advertisements section below.


  • The distance traveled and current height labels are each moved to the top right of the screen with their new graphics.
  • The pause button is now located in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  • The power up bars and the energy bar is located in the top left of the screen with only the energy bar being displayed at all times.
  • The font used by all texts has been changed to ‘Quicksand’.
  • The fire power up effect has been changed to a brand new sprite with an animation.
  • Added a tutorial screen that shows the user how to play on their very first flight.

Upgrade Store

  • New prices for all upgrades. The prices should now be balanced enough for a steady progression throughout the game


  • Users will be able to display full length video ads for three random rewards every three minutes. The rewards will vary from a random amount of coins as low as 100 to up as high as 50,000. Rewards also include one time boosts for the next flight only. More rewards to come in future updates.

Bug fixes

  • Several bug fixes relating to the bird physics
  • Fixed coins getting stuck on Sage which was generating coins well into the millions.
  • Fixed crash on iOS start up
  • Fixed currency store bug where the player could buy one coin bundle but end up with multiple bundles.
  • Fixed numerous small bugs

Screenshots and GIF

Check out some of the HUD screenshots and a gyfycat of the new updates in action:

Click here to view the gyfycat.

Sage's Sky - Energy and Magnet

Sage's Sky - Energy and Fire power up

Sage's Sky - Energy, Magnet, and Fire

Sage's Sky - Bug Zapper

That is all that I had for this week. Hopefully I will get my graphics for the rest of the UI very soon!

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