Finally Project Bird Fly has a name chosen! The chosen name is now “Sage’s Sky”. I feel that the name has a unique ring to it and is recognizable. Now on to some of the changes made in the game.


The graphics for all the obstacles have been updated to fit the scenery of the game. Particle effects have been added obstacles such as explosions, the phoenix upgrade, when a bird hits a spike, and such. The particle effects are still being tweaked here and there but I am very happy with how it has come out so far. Also some menu changes have been made such as smoother transitions, blur effect to the background when viewing the “Menu” UI.


Here is a Gfycat showing off a single flight in Sage’s Sky:


Some pictures of the new graphics:
Sage's Sky - Spiked

Sage's Sky - Even More Obstacles

Sage's Sky - More Obstacles

Sage's Sky - Fire Powerup with Bug Zapper

Sage's Sky - Phoenix Fireup

Sage's Sky - Bug Zapper



  • Updated graphics for all obstacles.
  • Particle effects for the Phoenix powerup,
  • A feathery explosion for each bird when it gets spiked.
  • Smoother transitions between menus and starting the game.
  • Blur effect on game scenery behind UI when navigating menus

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the jittery bug caused by Unity’s rigidbody
  • Fixed many small miscellaneous issues

What’s Next

Lots of changes were completed these past couple of days but there is still plenty to do. Hopefully the new UI graphics will be finished soon and implemented so we all can see how good the game will look then!

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