You may have read my other posts about my Junk Toss development. Well I decided to scrap that idea and completely rewrite it from scratch in Unity 5. I am still using the same concept as Junk Toss but decided to go the 2D route.

About the Game

A bird, yet to be named, is sitting in a tree in its nest and you, the player, are there to swipe him out of its nest and try to get the bird to fly as far as possible. There are many obstacles along the way that the bird can strike. Some obstacles will help the bird increase its distance and some may stop the bird completely. You as the user can make the bird flap and glide when needed to stay in the air longer. The flapping and gliding are limited by the birds energy which can be replenished by eating bugs along the way. But it is possible to eat some bad bugs that can reduce the birds energy.

Once the bird cannot go any longer, the player will be rewarded with coins based on different actions done during the birds flight. The player can then go upgrade the birds various stats to help increase its distance. Once all of the birds available upgrades are maxed out, the player can reincarnate the bird, turning it into a more beautiful/majestic bird every time. The player will lose all its upgrades and money during the reincarnation but the bird they receive will be slightly stronger in each of its base stats.


From my experience in developing Junk Toss, I was able to quickly create a prototype for this new game called Project Bird Fly (not official name). The code is so much nicer and cleaner compared to the previous project. I am excited to say it is close to being released on Android and iOS platforms. I hired an artist to create the graphics for the game and many of the graphics have been implemented, but most of the obstacles have my programmer art and place-holder art.


Check out some of the pictures of the most recent build:Bird Fly - Title Screen

Bird Fly - Nesting

Bird Fly - Lift Off

Bird Fly - Flying

Bird Fly - TNT Barrel

Bird Fly - Spiked

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