About time for another update. I haven’t worked on the game in awhile but I decided it was time to sit down and get some work done. Here is the list of stuff I have done since March. It wasn’t much but now I will kick it into high gear and hopefully finish this game before Summer’s end.

Added balloons with bombs/keys/pouches attached
Added pouches with random coins in it
Added bombs to junk to detonate
Added chests to unlock at the end if you collected keys
Added coins to chests
Added detonations to chests
Added extra swipes to chests
Added different better looking GUI to main menu
Added better GUI to game scene
Added better GUI to junk select
Added better GUI to chest screen
Added better GUI to stats screen
Finished the Upgrade store
Fixed chest screen so they line up nicely now
Added a custom game object pool system and it works perfectly!! No more performance issues on the iPhone 4!!
Upgrade Store ----
--- Swipe power
--- Coin magnet radius
--- TNT power
--- balloon power
--- Key magnet radius
--- increase coin value of X number of feet
--- increase number of detonates
--- increase power of detonates

Now for some explanations.
As you can see I added various different items to collect / hit. I felt like the game needed a variety of stuff to hit and collect such as a rare pouch bag which can hold anywhere between 1 – 100 coins! I also added some keys to the game. These keys allow you to unlock chests at the end of each throw. The chests can contains coins varying from 1, 5, 100, 500, 1000 coins. It can also contain an extra swipe which allows you to swipe again after the junk has stopped moving. I also added a bomb that detonates the junk further after it has stopped.

This brings me to my next feature which are the bombs that you can detonate to allow the junk to go further and higher! You start off with one bomb to detonate but you can upgrade this to 2, 3, or even 4 for each throw! This is awesome because it allows the player to have some control over the junk!
I also updated the GUI for everything so far except for the pause menu. I will finish it soon.

I completed redid the upgrade store so it is a nice, smooth, scrolling, pretty screen. I added a lot of different upgrades. Check out the pictures below.

And for the most important item on that finished list is the GameObject Pool Manager that I created! I was getting extremely poor FPS on iPhone 4, which was dipping down to about 10 FPS. I need a steady 30 for this game. I bought a Profiler off of the asset store called “Benchy“. It has done amazing things and allowed me to narrow down the code that was causing extreme performance issues. It had happened to be the Instantiate() and Destroy() methods. I used this all the time in my update method to spawn random items and grounds.
I managed to create a custom Pool Manager which loads all the objects and deactivates them at the very start of the level. This is the only time the game will be slow. The user won’t notice this because it is done before the user can even swipe! Once loaded I activate certain objects with the pool manager and move them to the position they need to go. And I deactivate the objects that aren’t in use.

Just doing this has completely fixed the performance issue on the iOS! I am super pleased with this pool manager and I plan to keep on building on it!

Well the pretty much sums up the last couple of months on the development of the game. I hope to not wait so long to update the blog again! And check out the new pictures below!

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