I received the new HUD graphics in the middle of the week and started working on implementing them ASAP. It looks fantastic! Each power up now has its own “bar” timer that drains over time. Sage’s energy now also has a “bar” the drains anytime energy is used.



  • Removed advertisements being displayed every 5 turns.
  • Added a reward system for viewing full length video ads. More info in the Advertisements section below.


  • The distance traveled and current height labels are each moved to the top right of the screen with their new graphics.
  • The pause button is now located in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  • The power up bars and the energy bar is located in the top left of the screen with only the energy bar being displayed at all times.
  • (more…)

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Finally Project Bird Fly has a name chosen! The chosen name is now “Sage’s Sky”. I feel that the name has a unique ring to it and is recognizable. Now on to some of the changes made in the game.


The graphics for all the obstacles have been updated to fit the scenery of the game. Particle effects have been added obstacles such as explosions, the phoenix upgrade, when a bird hits a spike, and such. (more…)

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You may have read my other posts about my Junk Toss development. Well I decided to scrap that idea and completely rewrite it from scratch in Unity 5. I am still using the same concept as Junk Toss but decided to go the 2D route.

About the Game

A bird, yet to be named, is sitting in a tree in its nest and you, the player, are there to swipe him out of its nest and try to get the bird to fly as far as possible. There are many obstacles along the way (more…)

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