I have been messing around a lot in Unity lately. I have been throwing some projects together and what not. And I uploaded two new concepts that I might actually hope expand on and perhaps finish.

First project is code name Project Clicker. This is a very basic concept of what it can be. It a lot like the cookie clicker game that is out now but I want to add a lot of different elements to it so the player has a goal to work for. Check it out here.

The next project is code name Beam Shooter. This is a first person shooter that I am planning to make it multiplayer so you can fight each other! I hope to be able to integrate some networking type of deal into so players can host matches online and be able to rank up. I plan on making the beams a one shot kill type of deal. So it will be a very fast paced game kind of like Quake.
You can check that out here!


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