About time for another update. I haven’t worked on the game in awhile but I decided it was time to sit down and get some work done. Here is the list of stuff I have done since March. It wasn’t much but now I will kick it into high gear and hopefully finish this game before Summer’s end.

Added balloons with bombs/keys/pouches attached
Added pouches with random coins in it
Added bombs to junk to detonate
Added chests to unlock at the end if you collected keys
Added coins to chests
Added detonations to chests
Added extra swipes to chests
Added different better looking GUI to main menu
Added better GUI to game scene
Added better GUI to junk select
Added better GUI to chest screen
Added better GUI to stats screen
Finished the Upgrade store
Fixed chest screen so they line up nicely now
Added a custom game object pool system and it works perfectly!! No more performance issues on the iPhone 4!!
Upgrade Store ----
--- Swipe power
--- Coin magnet radius
--- TNT power
--- balloon power
--- Key magnet radius
--- increase coin value of X number of feet
--- increase number of detonates
--- increase power of detonates


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