Well I have started class and still have been working on the game still! But before I start talking about updates I would like to say that I have put the project up on Kickstarter! The goal is $500. If this campaign is successful this would definitely help speed up the game development. I need lots of 3d art and music / sound effects. The project is currently pending right now but I will post when it is approved and launched.

I have really been working on the upgrade store. I first created the prototype of the upgrade store the post before (which you saw a screenshot of it). I liked it. I actually had just one upgrade store. This one upgrade store would affect all the junk you have unlocked or locked. I thought this would make the game too easy and short so I decided to make an upgrade store to each of the junk pieces. Now you have to upgrade each individually. But now when you unlock the new piece of heavier junk, the coins will be worth more.

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After the first post about Junk Toss I went on and started working on the game more. I had fixed several game bugs and added some features. Here is the log:

Junk Toss Log

  • Added new explosion to balloon – Able to see it a lot better
  • Tweaked some variables for the TNT and Ballon explosion powers
  • Tweaked some variables affecting the swipe power
  • Fixed the fading label issue when hitting TNT / balloon
  • Added a seamless scrolling background – The current texture is just a temporary graphic
  • Made saving user data more secure when saving to the phone
  • Started working on the upgrade store – Added lots of upgrades (Still lots to do to this)
  • Some pictures showing the new stuff

    Things to do

  • The unlock junk system is now broken due to the new encrypted data
  • The score screen is now broken due to the new encrypted data
  • Started to think about sounds to be added to the game
  • Hoping to buy some more graphics on Friday when I get paid to help with props in the game.
  • (more…)

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    I haven’t blogged or anything on the site in a long time.. since I redesigned it actually. So this is my first blog in a long time. I thought I should do this to help me stay motivated on creating my game I am hoping to release.

    The game I’ve been working on here and there for the past 3 – 4 months is called Junk Toss. I plan to release it on the iOs and the Android mobile platforms.

    First off some pictures of the game:

    The art is a work in progress. The user interface design is not the final version. This is actually very far and will be polished up after all the game mechanics are working perfectly.

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